Papala is an imaginary Shetland island, yet inspired by a real one! There are more than 100 islands, of which 20 are inhabited.  Can you guess which one was the inspiration for the stories?  

There are many birds to see and admire when visiting Shetland, and they all have local names. If you have read the book 'Living at the Edge of the World - Winter', then you may be more familiar with them - are you ready for to test your knowledge about Papala?

Do you know how Shetland got it's name?  Vikings lived in the islands many centuries ago and the name is based on Old Norse, the language spoken at the time. If you look at the 100 islands on a map they look like an upside down Viking sword. 





In Old Norse, the islands were known as "Hjaltland", meaning handle of the sword.

Hjaltland - Hetland - Shetland.