Welcome to S.J.B Stories:

a publishing imprint for heartwarming tales for children

aged from 9-12, that will deepen a love for

nature, wildlife and Shetland!

About the illustrator: 

Jenny grew up in Anglesey, Wales, surrounded by animals and nature. She began drawing from a young age and never stopped! 

Jenny illustrated her first children’s book at sweet sixteen, which led to her studying illustration at the University of Dundee, Scotland. 

She now lives in a small village in Fife, Scotland with her lovely dog, Murphy.

Jenny is specialised in children's books between the ages of 3-7, and enjoys creating novelty books, paper crafts and painting dragons on her walls.

Whenever Jenny is not drawing, she is either crocheting, digging up her garden or playing the accordion.


Living @ the Edge of the World - Winter


What is the first story about?

When their parents sail the world without them, 12-year-old twins Tabitha and Timothy are sent to the remote island of Papala, known as the Bird Island. Great Uncle Tamhas becomes their guardian in a world as strange as the island itself.

Tabitha is frustrated with the island's isolation and limited wifi, but Timothy is delighted to uncover the island’s natural secrets. The twins soon realise they are not the only newcomers to the island.

Discover a story about courage, friendship and the joy of embracing the unfamiliar. Dive into a different world, where nature and friendship are full of surprises.


        ... Additional books will follow, highlighting the seasons and narrating the adventures of the twins in Papala.