About the author:


Meet Suzanne, an agricultural communicator with a green thumb and a passion for gardening, writing, and storytelling. When she's not knee-deep in weeds or compost, she's weaving children's tales that blend the marvels of nature with the pulse of urban life.


Based in Lyon, France, with her partner and son, Suzanne draws inspiration from her English countryside roots and her deep affection for Scotland and the captivating Shetland Islands. Her stories, weaving nature into every day living, might just convince you that chickens and clicks, seals and selfies can harmoniously coexist.

Her mission? To spark young minds with eco-friendly adventures and perhaps, inspire a few kids to unplug and explore the natural world beyond their sofa.


Join Suzanne on a literary journey where nature intersects with our urban existence, each tale brimming with adventure and discovery.



Why Shetland?

A magical place - once visited, never forgotten. Big open wide skies, sunsets and sunrises, fantastic beaches and wonderful inspiring landscapes. You can easily fall in love with  Shetland, and all things connected! Birds, nature, sunsets, walks, flowers, animals, Viking history, cultural differences and ...  now you get the chance to visit for yourself!

Unplug and discover Living @ the Edge of the World - Winter